Let's talk about what makes VALERIN® so vastly different and why it really works.

It's a Homeopathic Preparation...

"How does a Homeopathic
preparation work?"

Let's say you have a muscle pain, or some other problem like stress. Most folks would turn to aspirin, or some over-the-counter medicine. The problem is, it probably will suppress the symptoms without actually curing the ailment! By taking conventional medicine, you're often fighting your body's attempt to heal itself and only suppressing your symptoms.

Enter a 225 year old "new" idea...

Homeopathy... Dr. Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy believed we live in a world where "like cures like". For example: when we get a vaccination for allergies, we get an inactive form of the allergens in a very small dose. The body reacts, and begins to build up antibodies in the immune system to rid itself of the allergy that is causing the problem.

Homeopathic preparations work under the same principle...

Natural substances or plants were precisely blended and diluted down. Thousands of combinations were tested until the exact formula was found that triggered the body's natural defenses to react against the condition and help rid itself of it naturally. Homeopathic preparations stimulate the power of your immune system rather than suppressing it, as with conventional medicine.

Over 6,000 Doctors have recommended and used VALERIN on their patients. Here's just a few of the things they have said about it:

"It works better than anything else I've used for muscle spasms and insomnia."

"The patients seem to like it as it doesn't slow their reflexes or make them drowsy."

"This product works better than any similar I have used in 28 years of practice."

"I feel everyone can benefit from it-especially here in New York City where stress is our middle name."

"...Works very well on chronic tension, menstrual cramps and muscle spasms."

"This is the only product I have used for the past 10 years. I feel there is no better product, and my patients love it."

"...Patients who have quite a bit of trouble with tension and headaches keep coming back for more so they will always have it on hand."

"the best natural muscle relaxant on the American or International market."

"Good for stress - excellent for cramping."

" The product is extremely safe, beneficial, and economical without any dangerous side-effects."

"I have not worked with anything else as effective, safe, and enthusiastically received by patients."

What makes VALERIN®'s remarkable homeopathic preparation the choice of millions?

The precise, calibrated, three-in-one combination of a:

All in a maximum strength tablet that's Guaranteed to make you feel better fast!

Completely Safe!

• Maximum Potency

VALERIN is supercharged with quad-strength Valerian Root and Passiflora, reinforced with Magnesium Carbonate. It works... and it works fast.

• Stays Fresh

Even if you use VALERIN only occasionally, it won't get "stale" or "lose" its potency. It will stay fresh and at maximum potency in its bottle even over a long period of time.

• No Side Effects

Unlike so many over-the-counter pills sold today, VALERIN won't leave you feeling drugged. Why? Because it contains no drugs. It's all-natural.

This remarkable homeopathic formula has proven itself without a doubt in over 40 years of use. It has changed what thousands of doctors recommend to their patients. Millions of people of all ages use VALERIN® to jumpstart their body's own healing. It truly is a natural wonder in a tablet for stress, tension, muscle spasms, and much, much more. Isn't it time you tried it RISK FREE??

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